Friday, 25 April 2014

Lush: Pop In The Bath.

I feel like I haven't done a Lush review in forever only because I have that many Christmas products that I could speak about but it would be pointless because well it isn't Christmas. 

I really don't like floral scents I think everyone (hopefully) seem's to know that about me now & I got this a couple of months ago at Christmas & I thought I would just give it a go, I wanted to have a nice relaxing bath & this was already in my glass vase that I hold my Lush products in so I picked this one up.  I did enjoy this you got so many bubbles it's like more for less, you really don't have to use that much & this isn't a big bubble bar but I did use this about 4 times which is great because I hate wasting Lush products because the prices are usually quite steep for things that your only going to use once & a bonus for me was that it actually wasn't completely floral, I did smell a hint of floral in this if you asked me to pin point what this smelled like exactly I really wouldn't could tell you but what was great about this is it actually made my skin feel amazing & really soft.  I really do think I would pick this up at some point but it isn't something that I would want all the time.

Have you tried this before?
What do you think?

Monday, 21 April 2014

Let's do an EMPTIES post.

Finally, I can clear out my bag full of empty products/candles, I actually have more but I gave up taking the photo's because my order kept getting muddled up I've actually used more candles than what's in this post.  Let's get started with all the products I've used over the past 4 months while I've been on my spending ban.

I thought I would show you first my face/body products, I love Peaches & Clean this is a saint to my skin, I've actually used two of these already but I chucked the other one in the bin & I have my nivea face cream which is amazing.  I've also got two body butters my first one is the Soap & Glory Butter Yourself butter, this smells delicious & I've also got a N-spa body butter which is just as good, I don't think anything can compare to the smell of anything Soap & Glory.

I thought I would show you all my hair products, I love BIG from Lush as soon as I was off my spending ban I knew I had to get to Lush & buy one of these because it is my favourite hair product it makes it feel so soft & it looks so shiny too.  I've got my Toni & Guy products which personally I wouldn't recommend, I hated using these & I've got my normal Dove shampoo & my herbal essence hair mask, I need to pick one of those up soon too.

This doesn't make me seem very hygienic that I've only used two shower gels but I'm so close to the end of my huge Snow Fairy bottle & Soap & Glory shower gels last forever, they are so big & you get a lot for your money, it's worth nipping to your closest boots & picking one of these up & of course I've got my Original Source Shower gel.

My worst fear in life is to smell of BO so I use lots of these & I still managed to chuck a few of these in the bin.  I'm not really going to talk to much about these because I think it's obvious that these are to make you smell fresh.

My favourite things which is of course candles, I've actually used a lot more candles than what is shown here like what I said at the top, I chucked a lot out & have just recently finished my Cranberry Ice candle which I love & I had to go out & buy a lot of candles so I'm fully stocked up now on all my favourites & a few new one's.

Sorry for this long post but I thought I would show you all what I've recently finished off even though these aren't even half of it, I actually didn't realise how much stuff I use until recently because most of the things I use go straight to the bin when they are finished. I love empties posts though & if you have posted a empties post recently please leave your links in the comment.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Spending Ban is OVER!

 I'm happy to finally announce that my spending ban is over & I'm so happy that I managed to not spend a penny that I didn't need too & I have so many empties that is going to be in a future post which is going to be huge. I can't wait to start 'normal blogging' again like reviewing products because I haven't been able to buy anything that I have wanted in for so long which is just a bonus for blogging. I have so many more planned posts to do as it's my birthday in a couple of days so I may have a haul for you if my amazing family want to give to me (I'm really not expecting anything) & I'm going on a huge shopping trip which I'm excited to show you any buys that I might buy I have a huge candle obsession so I can't wait to show you what candles I'm going to be buying because I've ran out of so many candles, it's ridiculous. Has anyone else been on a spending ban? How do you feel like you've coped? I'm happy to say too that I've managed to save just over £500 which I'm not planning on spending I want to keep it for as long as I can. 

How do you think I've got on with my spending ban?