Sunday, 13 April 2014

Spending Ban is OVER!

 I'm happy to finally announce that my spending ban is over & I'm so happy that I managed to not spend a penny that I didn't need too & I have so many empties that is going to be in a future post which is going to be huge. I can't wait to start 'normal blogging' again like reviewing products because I haven't been able to buy anything that I have wanted in for so long which is just a bonus for blogging. I have so many more planned posts to do as it's my birthday in a couple of days so I may have a haul for you if my amazing family want to give to me (I'm really not expecting anything) & I'm going on a huge shopping trip which I'm excited to show you any buys that I might buy I have a huge candle obsession so I can't wait to show you what candles I'm going to be buying because I've ran out of so many candles, it's ridiculous. Has anyone else been on a spending ban? How do you feel like you've coped? I'm happy to say too that I've managed to save just over £500 which I'm not planning on spending I want to keep it for as long as I can. 

How do you think I've got on with my spending ban? 

Friday, 11 April 2014

Sex Sex Sex.

If you remember from a couple a of weeks ago I wrote this post here & I said that I wanted to be more open & honest with you & I think the right word for it is raw, I want to talk about normal everyday things that people go through & basically what happens in people's lives & I know not everyone does, has, is having sex but I thought I would just do this little chat from what I think about it.

I really think I talk about sex about 70% of the time with my friends I think I'm too overly honest with them about everything but I'm not going to talk about my sex life with you all I don't think that would go down best on the internet. 

I think sex is a huge part of a relationship, it's not something someone should just give away though but I think sex means something different to everyone there is people who feel like sex is sacred, people who wait until they think they have found the one, the person who spreads it around and has sex with just about anyone and then there is the person which is me who thought they loved someone & had sex with more than 1 person through the years because they have been in a relationship with people & have had sex with them.  I think sex is important I can talk from personal experience that in the past I've been in a relationship with someone & I don't just dive into giving the goods away I have to get to know them well before anything happens & I like to wait at least a month, I know that doesn't sound long but at least I don't just jump into bed with just about anyone.  Anyway, enough about me like I mentioned I think sex is really important in a relationship if your not as bothered about waiting till your married then you'll know that sex is one of those connections that you have with someone & I think when you have it with the person then you feel closer to them. I think some people have to watch what they are doing especially if it's going to be your first time at having sex because you don't want to give it to just anyone you want to trust the person that your doing it with and make sure that they are going to make you feel safe, I think being safe about contraception such as being on the pill, condoms, etc. are really important but honestly if you don't know where that person has been before they are going to be with you then I would make sure that you/they wear a condom because you want to make sure that you are protected from STI's/STD's, you don't want to catch anything or get pregnant, I really don't think it matters if it's your first time or not you need to make sure that you are protected & that you don't catch anything.  I think you need to feel confidence in yourself too, I've realised that over the past couple of years when I have been getting older that you need to be body confident because it's a turn-off if your not confident in yourself, I can remember I had a boyfriend who would never take their top off when we were getting intimate & I really didn't find that attractive but also I think I'm really bad I hate having sex with the light-on but like I said now that I'm getting older I've accepted myself & I have been adapting to having the light on when we have been having sex but if you don't feel comfortable then don't do it, I feel like I'm contradicting myself but I think you can still have confidence in yourself but you can still have those certain quirks about yourself.  Don't be shy & remember you can say no to something you don't have to do something that you don't want to never be afraid to say no to someone if your feeling pressured, that's never a good thing & you shouldn't feel uncomfortable when your having sex because sex is suppose to be a good thing, I love sex & I enjoy doing it & it is suppose to be fun it isn't suppose to be something that you don't enjoy or something that hurts you.  I think from this blabby post, I think I got into this topic & just kept typing so I'm sorry that this is a bit long & I'm jumping from one thing to another but this is how I would talk to my friends. I think that the most important lessons that should be taken away from this post is that if you feel uncomfortable don't do it, if you don't want to catch anything or have a baby then make sure that your safe at all times with protection & that I also seem to talk to much & jump from one thing to another at least all of these are important lessons.

What do you think of sex?
Do you think I jump from one thing to another?

Monday, 7 April 2014

April Wishlist.

I thought today I would show you all what I am craving to buy once I'm off my Spending Ban which is really soon, I'm really excited that once I'm off my spending ban I'll be able to buy some products that I haven't had in a while & then a couple of days later it's going to be my Birthday, I think I'll probably wait until I get my birthday presents & see what I will need to buy.  Come have a look at what I'm planning on buying.

1. Deep Night Ghost Perfume - Superdrug - £20
2. Tea Tree Water - Lush - £7.50
3. Peaches & Clean - Soap & Glory (Boots) - £8.00
4. Dr Spot - Soap & Glory (Boots) - £8.00
5. Picnic In the Park Lipgloss - Tanya Burr (Superdrug) - £6.99
6. Sugar Crush Body Wash - Soap & Glory (Boots) - £6.50
7. BIG Shampoo - Lush - £11.50

I know that none of these things are too exciting but I really don't want to go crazy with money & just spend all my money especially the money that I have saved so I'm only going to get essentials & a few treats, I feel like a 100 days of not buying any products deserves a little treat.